As a new mobile WiFi hotspot on the market, Huawei E5330 is available since 2014.As the world’s most compact 21 Mbps 3G router is small enough to fit comfortably into your palm.

With a retail price of around 40USD, the E5330 is one of the best devices in this type. As the successor to Huawei E5220, Huawei E5330 can offer better performance. With the E5330 you can explore the web faster. That’s less waiting while you download and upload your music, videos, and favorite content. The E5330 Router can be used virtually with all DC-HSDPA+ providers in European and asia countries, as the bands are supported at 2100 and 900 MHz.  In the following we present you more details about Huawei E5330.

The Huawei E5330 offers up to 10 wireless devices easy access to the mobile Internet. The maximum speed is 21.6 Mbit/s. During use on the HSPA+/UMTS network, the real speed would be possibly achieved up to 10 Mbps. 

With the 1500 mAh battery, Huawei E5330 hotspot is intended to create an operating time of about 6 hours. The standby time is 300 hours. The battery is easily replaceable for the user, so you also can take more battery when no charger is available on longer trips.

With the Huawei Mobile WiFi application, managing multiple devices across the same network will no longer be stressful. You can remotely switch on or off your mobile WiFi, check up on battery levels, examine signal strength, read messages,and view all connected devices in one place. All useful, placed together.