5336’s signal is weak and cannot register to 3G network?

1).Please check local network condition, check whether there is 3G network which provided by telecom operator at the moment. Ensure you are not in some close environment. (You may check the signal strengthen by the icon  displayed on Web UI main page)

2). Please move E5336 toward to window to get better signal

3). If the network condition is good but still cannot register, please try to reset E5336 and try again

4). Sometimes E5336 will be rejected by the operator for some reasons. Please reset E5336 and check. If E5336 still cannot camp on the network, please contact with your device provider.

5). Login Web UI to check whether E5336 has been set to 2G only mode. If your E5336 has been set to 2G only, please select the 3G only option in the drop down menu.