I forget my Wi-Fi key and Web login password I can’t login my E5336Bs-2&Bs-6

A. If you forget your Web login password, you needn’t to worry. Try to restore your E5336Bs-2&Bs-6 as following step

1.Open the back cover of E5336Bs-2&Bs-6

2.Press and hold the RESET button until the indicators are off. The Mobile WiFi is then restored to its factory settings.

Notice: After you carry out this operation, the Mobile Wi-Fi’s personal configuration parameters will all be deleted. All configurations on the web management page will be restored to the factory settings.

B. If you only forget your WiFi Key, try to set the new WiFi key in the “WLAN Basic Setting” page, input new WIFI key directly in WPA Pre Shared Key bar or select show password option the view the password